Quick Recap: DC Club Young Alums Prevail 15-5 Over College All Stars

The DC Club Young Alums prevailed yesterday over the College All-Stars in our Women’s Showcase game on a brisk, partly sunny afternoon in Arlington. The play was spirited and intense on both sides, and Arlington-based photographer Kevin Wolf captured some terrific photos that can all be seen here: Women’s Showcase 3/19/2017.

Fulcrum Media Group was also on hand to film the game along with a couple Breeze videographers, so be on the lookout for our full game release once Fulcrum finalizes the video production!

Over on Instagram…

The sun is shining on the DC Women's Club Young Alumns in the first half. Score 08-01 DCYA

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Great playing, DC Women! Final score was 15-5 D.C. Club Young Alumns (dark)

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