Andrew Allen (AA) – Deep

Height: 6-3 IMG_2110_andrew_allen_small
Age: 29
College: University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Hometown: Hickory, NC
Club: Warriors (2006-07), Wiretap (2008-09), Codename/Tune Squad (2010-11), Ambiguous Grey (2013-14)
Pump-Up: Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin
Bio: Andrew started playing his freshman year of college. He knew nothing about the game at all, but fell in love with it and was a Captain of the Seamen by his senior year. Andrew truly enjoy the camaraderie and the community of ultimate, especially having moved from North Carolina to Virginia for grad school, then to Arkansas for the Air Force, and now back to Virginia. One of Andrew’s favorite traits about the game is that it’s easy to meet and pick up a great group of friends who share a love of the game.


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