Jarnail Bajwa – Handler

Height: 5-6 Jarnail_Bajwa
Age: 30
College: George Mason University
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Club: Ambiguously Grey (2011-14), District Disc Club (2010), Wiretap (2008-09), HOV Violators (2006-07)
Bio: Jocular And Rarely Nay-saying Anything In Life, JARNAIL BAJWA Boasts A “John Wayne” Attitude. He’s a boss, even when there’s no disc in sight. Calm, cool, and collected is still too dramatic for the Master of Mild. The only time he gets fired up is when he is eating food that would raise the climate of Mars a degree or two…in Celsius. When he’s not dropping dimes, he’s driving too fast and living too large. Such is the life of a baller. 

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