Mark Flores – Defensive Cutter

Height: 5-9  IMG_2114_mark_flores_small
Age: 24
College: University of Maryland, College Park
Hometown: Frederick, MD
Club:  8-bit Heroes (2013), Sparkponies (2014)
Pump-Up: Going Down For Real by Flo Rida
Bio: Mark has always had a knack for sports, but once he started playing pick-up in Frederick, Maryland with a couple of high school friends, he was hooked. A couple years later, Mark’s interest in ultimate brought him to the University of Maryland, where he realized the great potential of the sport. While his myriad experiences mark him a seasoned player, Mark declares that playing for the DC Breeze will far surpass anything before. If you could pry him away from the Frisbee, you would find him with his lovable dog Polo, always outside in the great outdoors. Count on Mark to be looking for excuses to be out and about and daydreaming about his next vacation. Mark aspires to be a coach, sharing the skill set and knowledge he has and yet to gain.

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