Home Opener April 11, 2015

2015 Home Opener

It’s no problem — your Saturday evening has been pretty much completely worked out for you!

* Before The Game (5:15pm) – See a live performance by great DC “rollick n’ roll” Indie band The Nighttime Adventure Society while you enjoy Papa John’s pizza, other good food options, Atlas beer, wine, fresh lemonade, sodas, etc., and your kids take part in a free youth clinic (starts 5pm).
* At The Game (6:30pm) – See the Breeze open the season vs 2013 AUDL Champs Toronto Rush Ultimate with an exciting array of old and new faces.
* After The Game (8:45pm) – Head to The Big Board on H St., our official after-game destination only 0.6 miles away.

$10 advance tickets until Noon tomorrow
$12.50 at the gate
Kids under 6 always free

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  1. It is unbelievable that I can come to the homepage and then this post to get information on the game – MAINLY the date and time – and nowhere prominently posted is this information! The time was easy to find, but I had to resort to the calender hidden in the side bar of the page to figure out the date. Wouldn’t that be pretty critical information to surface right off the bat. According the the Washington Post article

    and over looking details like that will only contribute to the shortcoming.

    1. You could also go directly to the schedule link on the main page. That has the times and dates for the entire season listed.

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