DC Breeze 18-22 NY Empire

DCB v NYE Pre-Game

Our Saturday evening began with some fantastic pre-game festivities — a very happening youth clinic including Cub Scouts from around the region, and lots of good merch, food and drink in our concession area as you’ll see above. Then it was quite a ‘start’ to the game as the thunder, lightning and heavy rains kicked in about 15 minutes before the scheduled game time. It was quite a sight, and we all took shelter including very packed Atlas Brew Works and Papa John’s serving tents! That’s the bad news. The good news is it only lasted about 45 minutes, then we played our game against the New York Empire‚Äč in front of a large portion of the fans who came back out from under shelter as soon as the rain and thunder stopped.


The Empire prevailed 22-18, but we had a fantastic time… and we want to thank all the great fans who rode out the storm, came back to the stands and cheered us on to the end!

Next Up: Road trip to Toronto and Rochester this weekend.

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