Breeze Blow Past Phoenix, 26-20


The DC Breeze beat the Philadelphia Phoenix yesterday evening, 26-20 in Conshohocken, PA. DC stormed through a strong 2nd quarter, turning a 7-8 Q1 deficit into a 19-14 halftime lead they would not relinquish, instead stretching their lead to as high as 8 en route to an eventual 6-point victory. Ben Feng‘s 3 key Ds led the defense while David Berg provided a team-leading 5 assists and David Boylan-Kolchin and Matt Kerrigan shared top goal honors with 4 apiece.

As usual, Jarnail Bajwa led the team in offensive production and efficiency with 47 touches, 43 completions, 2 goals, 2 assists, 0 drops and only 2 throwaways. Newcomers Antoine Davis and Troy Holland both made the active roster in their first weekend with the team and contributed nicely: Antoine played 15 points (14 on D) while tallying a D and 3 assists with 3 catches in 4 chances, while Troy also played 15 points (14 on D) with no drops or throwaways.

All in all it was a terrific team performance. The Breeze clearly eased up on the gas pedal late in the game, but that was only after the victory was all but certain.

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