Breeze Win Battle of the Capitals

All smiles after the win in Ottawa July 4, with no one happier than Breeze co-owner Don Grage

Breeze Win! It was a thriller in Ottawa July 4, 26-25 on a last second goal… And after the scoreboard showed 0:00 once but a critical timeout had been called at 0:04 to give us another chance. Then Nico Lake found Andrew Allen open in the end zone with 1 second left. Whoa. Nice coaching for the entire game, Mike Malloy… Not just the critical timeout call!

Yes, it was a big win in Canada to celebrate Independence Day. And because of it, we’re still in the playoff hunt and already looking forward to another huge game tomorrow a couple hour drive away in Montréal. Catch the action at Noon Sunday on Twitter, @DCBGameday.

From the Week 12 AUDL Power Rankings… “If you want a patriotic Cinderella to root for down the stretch, the Breeze are your team.”

We agree. Go Breeze!


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