Kolick, Shofner To Play For The Breeze In 2016 & 2017

Markham Shofner and Alan Kolick

Highly regarded DC area ultimate players Alan Kolick and Markham Shofner have each signed 2-year contracts to play for the DC Breeze through the 2017 season. Kolick and Shofner are starting handlers for Truck Stop, DC’s top men’s club team, and both also represent the USA at the national level, including this past Spring’s World Beach Ultimate Championships in Dubai, U.A.E.

These players, both in their mid-20s but already with many years of elite Ultimate behind them, should fit in perfectly with this young and rapidly progressing Breeze squad as it builds toward an AUDL East Division title and hopefully beyond over the next two years. The Breeze organization believes the experience, quality and consistency these two bring with them will have an immediate, positive impact on the team. Welcome to the Breeze, Alan and Markham!

Here’s a little more information about these two very talented DC-based athletes…

Alan Kolick
Arlington, VA native Alan Kolick has played competitive ultimate for 12 years. He was originally taught the game by Ben Cohen, Kevin Riley, and most importantly, Dick Raines. Kolick began his career as a high school sophomore for a combined Yorktown / HB Woodlawn group, quitting both the soccer and golf teams to throw discs on a full time basis. Following that were 4 years of ultimate at the College of William & Mary, and (after a brief stint with club team Wiretap in 2008) he has played for Truck Stop ever since graduating college and returning to the DC area (2009-present).

When Kolick was 15 years old, his doctor was concerned that he wouldn’t grow to a normal size since he was 4’10” and only 80 pounds. He performed a scan and determined that his bones had only grown to the equivalent of a 10 year old at that point! To make a long story short, this short kid got a lot taller, and the rest is history. Kolick also made it a point to immediately inform his new team upon signing that he was in a Polka band in high school, in case it caused any issues with his new contract. It didn’t. But still, it’s good to know.

Markham Shofner
Markham Shofner originally hails from Nashville, Tennessee and now calls Washington, DC home. He has played ultimate competitively for 9 years, including stints on the following teams: Brutal Grassburn (high school), Claremont Braineaters (college), Guillermo y Compania (mixed club) and Tanasi (open/men’s club), followed by Truck Stop for the past four years.

One of the most interesting things about Shofner is that, although he may be one of the best players in the DC area, he may not even be the best player in his own family! His younger sister Jesse is one of the top players in the nation, a two time collegiate national champion (’13 & ’15), and is touring the USA this Summer with the @AllStarUlti showcase series. There’s that, and the fact that he has been in 10+ stage plays including the lead role in the musical during his senior year of high school. He seems extremely proud of both of these facts… and, well, he should be.

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Shofner (left) and Kolick with Breeze co-owner Don Grage

2016 Roster

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