Ultiworld’s Steven Wartinbee on the AUDL Championships


2013-15 Breeze Intern and Georgetown alum Steven Wartinbee has just released a terrific writeup of the Aug 8-9 AUDL Championships on Ultiworld. Here are a few excerpts…

Our favorite: “Overall, this was the one of the best-run, most elaborate ultimate events I’ve ever watched (including college nationals). Terrific attractions for spectators, both those who know the sport and those who were being introduced for the first time. Championship Weekend 2015 was a great success; 2016 should be even better.”

and a few more

“Ten days ago, I made the road trip from Los Angeles up to Avaya Stadium in San Jose for the AUDL’s Championship Weekend. Having followed the regular season and covered the playoffs leading up to the semifinals, the privilege of watching the final four teams compete for the trophy was an exhilarating prospect.”

“Both the Canadian and American national anthems were sung prior the Spiders/Rush semifinal. Not only were both performed very well, but the anthems seemed to have almost Olympic-like significance to the countries’ respective constituent fans and players.”

“AUDL crowds are getting bigger. In addition to Championship Weekend, I attended this season’s Madison home game that set their record for most fans (1,000), and an Aviators home game in heavy rain. Compared to the fan bases from 2014, it’s very promising for the league.”


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