#54 Brett Matzuka – 2016 Handler

Height: 5-8 2016_bio_brett_matzuka
Age: 30
College: University of Queensland (Australia)
Hometown: Kailua-Kona, HI
Club: Ring of Fire, Johnny Bravo, Machine
Pump-Up: TBD
Bio: What’s up with Brett’s number being listed as “??” you may ask? Read on about some of his friends who were named to the squad before him, such as “Jeff ‘you have my number’ Wodatch” …

Brett Matzuka began his career in competitive ultimate in Brisbane, Australia in 2004.  While at the University of Queensland, he won a College National Championship (UQ lovers), a Mixed National Championship (Bootius Maximus), and Beach World Championship (Australian Open team) in 2007, along with being selected to the Australian National Open Team (Dingos) in 2008. Returning to the States, Brett has been a member of a number of elite level ultimate club teams including North Carolina Ring of Fire (Semis, ’12), Denver Johnny Bravo (Nationals Champions, ’14; Bronze Medalist, WUCC 2014), and Chicago Machine (Semis; ’15).

Brett started his AUDL ultimate career with the DC Breeze in 2014 earning a playoff appearance and All-AUDL 2nd team honors.  In 2015, Brett joined the Chicago Wildfire earning a second playoff appearance and All-AUDL 1st team honors.  Outside of the AUDL, Brett was a member of the 2011 and 2015 Team USA Open Beach World Champions, 2013 World Games Team USA, and was selected to the 2015 Ultiworld All-Club 1st team.

“Stepping away from the DC Breeze after our 2014 season was a difficult move as I truly loved what owner Don Grage, coach Alex Ghesquiere, and asst. coaches Paul Peek and Mike Malloy had put together in terms of the organization, team, and community, but life beckoned.  Much like the prodigal son, I am thankful to be welcomed back so graciously. I am truly excited to rejoin the DC Breeze and contribute however I can in the future success!  When you get a chance to play alongside Alan ‘McDreamyLocks’ Kolick, Nate ‘Fat Nate’ Castine, Jonathan ‘the hand’ Neeley, Jeff ‘you have my number’ Wodatch, Nicky ‘the face’ Spiva, David ‘no nickname’ Cranston, and a wealth of other great players, what more can you want!?  Playing alongside my close friends from team’s past including Bob Liu and Jonathan Helton is just icing on the cake.  I look forward to getting the DC Breeze back on top of the league in terms of high fives; let the prairie dog pack continue to thrive!”

Rise Up: Throwing with Brett Matzuka of the Chicago Wildfire — Coach’s CUT, Ep. 4