#4 David Boylan-Kolchin – 2016 Cutter

Height: 6-1  2016_profile_away_david_boylan-kolchin
Age: 33
College: Columbia University
Hometown: Newark, DE
Club: Brooklyn Knights (2002), NY Ultimate (2003-04), PoNY (2005-09), Truck Stop (2010-Present)
Pump-Up: You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates
Bio: When he was a wee lad, Duke’s brother would fling discs at him and make fun of him any time he complained that catching them hurt his little hands. Duke learned his lessons, fell in love with Ultimate sometime back in the last millennium, and has been playing ever since. Off the field, Duke spends most of his time trying to convince his wife Sara that they really could survive on pancakes, berries, and cookie dough. She’s resistant. Duke’s daughter Marie was born just in time for the start of the 2015 Breeze season, and is already a committed fan.