#87 Matt Kerrigan – 2016 Cutter

Height: 6-0 2016_bio_matt_kerrigan
Age: 25
College: Georgetown University
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
Club: Swell (2012), Medicine Men (2014-2016)
Pump-Up: Ante Up by M.O.P
Bio: Matt Kerrigan was an offensive machine for the Breeze in 2015. He led the Breeze with 37 goals, a full 12 goals higher than anyone else on the team.

Matt started playing ultimate by joining his high school’s newly formed team. Although they had no official coach or experience with the game, Matt was hooked on the thrill of chasing down a disc. At Georgetown, he joined the men’s team, Catholic Justice, which he captained for 2 years. When Matt isn’t playing Ultimate, you can find him inside his 4th grade classroom at Friendship Woodridge in Washington, DC.

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