Rowan McDonnell, Team Player

Rowan, Rowan, Rowan

One of our exciting new signees for 2016, Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell, is a consummate team player. We had already heard that, and it’s nice to see it by example in an Ultiworld article published recently that pays homage to wonderful teammates throughout the ultimate world…

Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell is a Terrific Teammate. Garuda is playing PoNY at Northeast Regionals in 2014 and I’m completely out of my league, trying to play offense against guys who are bigger and stronger than me. I’m getting stuffed and when I finally get up line and we score, Rowan comes over to me and shakes me, “Eli, you can play with these guys. Trust me. You can play with these guys.” That’s the conversation I remember when I feel like things are moving too fast, I can’t get open and everyone is bigger than me, even though I bet Rowan has long forgotten it. He does stuff like that for his teammates all the time.

Russell Wallack
Amherst, MA
Boston Ironside

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