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#22 Brian Marshall – 2016 Cutter


Q&A with first year Breeze player Brian Marshall

brian_marsh_pre_dcb_2_portrait_4x6Tell me a little bit about how you came to ultimate. How long have you been playing and how did you get started?

I wasn’t good enough for the basketball team, partied too much for the Cross Country team, and didn’t have enough pale colored Polos for Greek life. Ultimate provided me exercise, a friend group, and continuous partying. It was everything an 18 year old me wanted. Nine years later, I am still playing.

Who has most influenced you in the ultimate community and why?

I’ve lived with [2016 Breeze teammate] David Cranston for the past eighteen months. He’s taught me many things: Xavier has the greatest college basketball team that ever existed, it’s stupid to ride a bicycle without a helmet, and the absence of a hairstyle is still a hairstyle.

Can you name a few flashpoints/watershed moments in your growth as an ultimate player?

The first club team I tried out for was Capital Punishment. A mid-tier DC team, CP tried to steal an invite to Nationals the year our region was allocated 4 bids. With only a couple years of college Sectionals level experience, I limped my way to the last tryout.. After some discussion, the captains of CP decided to offer me the last spot on the team. That year playing with CP springboarded me to making Truck Stop, where I’ve been ever since. Without that experience, it’s likely I wouldn’t still be playing Ultimate.

What’s your favorite piece of ultimate advice that translates to life off the field?

Hold the mark. Do your job.


What skill/throw/movement have you had to work on the most?

My lefty chicken wing has been most problematic for me, but I think it will be particularly beneficial in game since most defenders won’t expect it.

What’s your pre-game routine?

I really like to get my pump on. Knocking out 20 or 30 push ups in warm ups will really make your chest pop for the camera.

What’s unique about the DC ultimate scene in your eyes?

DC players they come they go. Saturday through Sunday Monday, Monday through Sunday, yo.

What’s your team trope/stereotype?brian_marsh_pre_dcb_7_portrait

Hmm, need to think about that…

Any feelings about the upcoming season that you’d like to share, based on the final few practices?

I blame Dutchy for not inviting me to World’s tryouts, so I plan on sabotaging him every chance I get.

Enough said.

— Libby Chamberlin, Breeze Staff Writer

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