AUDL’s Tuesday Toss Has A Breezy Week


By any measure, Toronto and DC’s battle to the brink was one of the AUDL’s most captivating games in the league’s history. Featuring two rosters packed with top-level talent, a couple coaches that will be leading their respective countries at Worlds in less than two months, and a gripping finish that culminated with one perfect, pinpoint scoober, the Rush and Breeze delivered the dramatic goods to an international audience.

“I thought the story of the game was two fold: our offensive struggles creating good flow and spacing, and our defense having a hard time taking away their inside-break offense,” said Ghesquiere. “I was impressed at how well they flowed despite this being their first game and being on the road. If we could have stopped some of their offensive strengths earlier in the game, I think it would have worked out better for us.”

In the first half, the Breeze were able to force some turnovers, but were unable to capitalize on most of their opportunities. At halftime, DC switched Markham Shofner from the O-line to the D-line, hoping that his ability to stretch the field with his throws would boost the D’s ability to score.

“Bringing Markham over to the D-line was pivotal to increasing our conversion rate in the second half,” Brad Scott said.

These make up only small part of the in-depth report on our riveting game against Toronto last Saturday by ESPN3 announcer Evan Leplar. See the entire story here: Tuesday Toss