Tuesday Toss Recaps Epic DC vs NY Battle



“Full of big names, dramatic moments, and controversial sequences, Week 11’s double-overtime epic between New York and DC carried an almost mystical quality.” — AUDL/ESPN3 Announcer Evan Lepler

This week’s AUDL Tuesday Toss recaps our intense and wildly entertaining 2OT game against New York, the 3rd consecutive DC vs NY game this season that has ended in a 1-point Breeze victory. This rivalry is rapidly increasing in importance and intensity, and the game was truly a showcase for the type of high quality, highly physical yet spirited and non-abusive play that this sport and league can produce.

There were some controversial plays in the end, including a pick call that negated a seemingly winning NY goal that had the Empire rushing onto the field to celebrate, and then contact on the final play that won it for the Breeze.

“I heard Nate [Castine] pleading with the ref to call [a pick], and the ref ultimately called one,” Keegan said.

And then on the bump… “When the disc was in the air, I chose to take a more inside path knowing that since I had about a ½ step, it would seal Mike out,” [Matt] Kerrigan explained. “I knew this had the potential to cause contact.”

“Immediately after the play, I was a bit upset and took that out on [Matt] a little bit, but we talked in the handshake line and again afterwards to clear it up,” said Drost. “We agreed to disagree on whether it was a foul or not, but chalked up the emotions to the heat of the moment at the end of a close, hard-fought game. With a couple days perspective, I do still think it was a foul, but it’s definitely a tough call to make for the referee. The DC guys, Kerrigan and [Tom] Doi especially, were doing a great job using their body on deep throws all game, but I felt like the last one crossed the line of being a foul because he initiated the contact by coming into me, as opposed to simply taking a position and forcing me to adjust. The ref did briefly talk to me, and suffice it to say, he didn’t think there was a foul, and I disagreed.”

That had to be the most exciting game I’ve ever been a part of,” New York’s Ryan Drost admitted. “Even if it didn’t go our way.”
“Above all else, [Saturday] was another amazing game for the fans and the AUDL,” Keegan acknowledged. “So congrats to the Breeze for pulling out another tough one. We can’t wait to play them again.”
And play them again we might… as it’s looking increasingly likely that these two teams will end up 2-3 in the final standings and headed for a Round 1 playoff game. All the quotes above and much more can be found in the Tuesday Toss w/ a detailed recap and further assessment by lead commentator who covered the game, ESPN3’s Evan Lepler.