Alan Kolick Breaks Arm


Breeze handler Alan Kolick broke his arm while playing for his club team DC Truck Stop at the USAU Club National Championships in Rockford, IL over the weekend. It was a clean break to the ulna in his right forearm. This is the second major injury to the right arm for Kolick, a left handed thrower, following a wrist injury  in July 2014 that required surgery and resulted in a metal plate being permanently attached to bones in his wrist. The latest injury occurred in the 2nd half of their quarterfinal loss to Raleigh, NC’s Ring of Fire on Friday, although the extent of the injury wasn’t known until that evening.

Kolick expects to be wearing a 3/4 arm cast for up to 6 weeks, followed by a rehabilitation period. He is expected to be fully healed in time for the 2017 Breeze pre-season.

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