Layouts & Leftovers: A New Thanksgiving Tradition


Bellies full of turkey and all the fixins did not stop nearly 70 ultimate players from descending upon the Polo Fields the Saturday after Thanksgiving for the first inaugural Layouts and Leftovers hat tournament. Players from D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and even a few out-of-towners eagerly braved the elements on a chilly, breezy morning. Players were divided into four teams for a round robin tournament.

A wide range of ages and experience levels were represented. Participants included former Breeze players Burke Nash (2013), Glenn Poole (2013, 2015), and Andrew Allen (2015-16). There were also representatives from local club teams including Scandal, Ambiguously Grey, John Doe, and Lord Fairfax. The tournament also attracted local college and youth program talents  as well as league players and even a couple daring individuals for whom this was their first ever tournament! Fun was had by all, fueled by cheers, snacks, and cider from the sidelines.

The tournament was won by Team A, featuring Poole and Nash among others. One of the best highlights of the day came from Team B, with a fantastic layout grab by Georgetown Foyas rising senior captain, Michelle Carey, to win the game on universe point.

All in all it was a successful day with funds from the day being raised for an upcoming clinic for women coaches in ultimate. It was a great way to run off that Thanksgiving turkey. The tournament directors have high hopes that Layouts and Leftovers to come will become an annual Thanksgiving tradition.

Thanks to Breeze player Andrew Allen for contributing to this story.

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