#WonderWomanWednesday: American University’s Dirty Ladies

Inspired by National Girls and Women in Sports day, this profile is part of a series highlighting local women’s college ultimate teams.

The American University (AU) Dirty Ladies (DL) might lead the American Ultimate Disc League to issue a copyright challenge. This group of intelligent, hard working, fun loving, and inclusive girls strive to improve every day on and off the field. The Dirty Ladies travel together, socialize together, and like many college teams, some of even live together. 

photo credit: Rob Gilmore

Founded in 1999, the American University Women’s Ultimate Frisbee started as a co-ed cohort with the University’s men’s team, Stall 11. By 2002,  the prospect of a full women’s

squad had generated enough interest to splinter and form the Dirty Ladies. Since then, the team has developed into a consistent and well-represented club sport at American University. Many of the current AU Dirty Ladies play with area club teams including Backhanded, Grit, and Suffrage.


The Dirty Ladies have grown considerably since their inception in 2002. They have consistently played well at sectionals and attended regionals five of the past six years. In 2011, they placed 6th at Regionals. In the 2017 Spring season, the Dirty Ladies will field B team for the first time in program history.

One beloved Dirty Ladies’ tradition is to give out the “human trophy” award. They award the human trophy to one of their

photo credit: Rob Gilmore

player’s who shows the triple threat: the MVP of the tournament in terms of how they played, their spirit, and their attitude. The catch to winning the human trophy award is that the next day the winner must wear it in public all day.


Two of the program’s most notable alumni are Shino Yoshen of DC Scandal, and Lauren Sadler formerly of DC Scandal and current member of Boston Brute Squad. Yoshen has returned to the Dirty Ladies this year a coach; she is joined by Breeze player Rowan McDonnell. The Dirty Ladies have made it tradition to attend Breeze games to cheer him on!

AU Dirty Ladies cheer on their coach Rowan McDonnell

For more information about the team, you can find them on Twitter and Facebook, or send a note to audirtyladies@gmail.com.

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* denotes captain

Alli Vega
Grace Champion
Gretchen Cloutier
Jody Gregory*
Kate Magill
Natalie Forman*
Sofia Baneth
Amber Verhoorn
Danielle Montecalvo
Dominique Brager
Ekat Vasilenko
Raizl Campbell
Alana Kessler
Amina Abdel-Jelil
Asia Cutforth
Devika Menon
Julie Cinner
Lily Eagan
Mackenzie Kelley
Mel Friedel
Melissa Kelley
Mia Klobucher
Sasha Harrison
Elizabeth Magill
Emma Blosfelds
Emma Zubiago
Faith Whitmore
Gabrielle Michel
Ivy Xu
Katie Sulpizio
Maya Pollack
Rachel Kronk
Rivka Grossinger
Sara Cooper
Sarah Kerman
Simret Semine

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