#WonderWomanWednesday: Catholic University

Inspired by National Girls and Women in Sports day, this profile is part of a series highlighting local women’s college ultimate teams.

Have you heard of the pope-mobile?  If you haven’t, you must not have had the pleasure of facing the women from Catholic University (CUA) yet.

Nun Betta, CUA’s women’s ultimate team, is stepping onto the field with nothing to lose this year.  Established in 2010 by incredible alumni and current coach and Breeze head referee Steve “Scuba” Kreider, these ladies are coming into the 2017 season with a strong representation from each class, with 16 underclassmen rounding out the 30-woman roster.

Led by captains Sarah Abel (‘17) and Grace Castro (‘18), Nun Betta follows the timeless saying “Tada Gan Iarracht,” meaning “nothing without effort,” in every aspect of their play.  With both coaches leading by example as active members in the DC ultimate community, you can find these women on various club teams and summer leagues throughout the country, as well as participating in scrimmages and tournaments all throughout the DC area.  Catch Nun Betta competing at the Commonwealth Cup, James Madison Bonanza, and Delaware Classic this spring.

Be sure to look for this charismatic and fun-loving group of ladies who are focused on upholding the spirit of the game in every match. You can follow the CUA women on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook.

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Roster (* denotes captain)

Bridget Finnell
Emily Benvenga
Laurel VanScoy
Peggy Stevick
Rachel Youngberg
Sarah Abel*

Alexa Ruotolo
Bridget King
Grace Brodeur
Grace Castro*
Christine Tomasic
Katherine Connolly
Natalie Hahn
Theresa Button

Anne Perry
Emily McGuire
Isabel Vander Bleek
Katie O’Brien
Maddy Demaret
Sarah Grupp
Sarah Lynch

Claire Christensen
Emily Jansen
Irene Wilson
Jordan Bryant
Lauren Coene
Liz Shoemaker
Lizzy Rich
Maria Galle
Victoria Kirkman

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