#WonderWomanWednesday: JMU BMonks

Inspired by National Girls and Women in Sports day, this profile is part of a series highlighting local women’s college ultimate teams.

The BMonks, or Betchmonkeys, are a bunch of fun-loving athletes who enjoy some competitive ultimate. Comprised of an eclectic group of women, this team attracts people from all walks of life and connects them with a common love for frisbee.

From themed scrimmages, like the Disco Dads vs. Gothic Grannies, to rocking the dance floor, the BMonks love hanging out and know how to get down. You will know they’re coming when you hear Lips of an Angel blasting through the speakers. Created in the Fall of 2001, the BMonks were named by a girl nicknamed “Hot Stuff”, another indicator of the fun environment this team creates.

The BMonks had their best-ever finish at Atlantic Coast Regionals in 2015, finishing in 2nd place. They also placed 2nd at Virginia Sectional in 2016 and hope to build off these performances in the 2017 season. Notable alumni include members of local women’s club teams Grit and Scandal, as well as members of Richmond’s Rebellion and Small Batch of Colorado.

After a 13th place finish at last month’s Commonwealth Cup in Axton, VA, the Betchmonkeys will host Bonanza on March 24-25 in Harrisonburg, VA. The team will then travel to the Atlantic Coast Open in Virginia Beach, April 1-2 before competing at Virginia Sectionals, April 22-23.

If interested in the team, contact them at jmuwomensultimate@gmail.com and follow on Twitter.

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* denotes captain
Melissa Schlomann
Jessica Crowley*
Emily Anderson
Jameela Abdullahi
Lauren Villasenor
Elissa Diaz
Sara Denney
Anna Toth
Emily Hivick
Joellen Ceide*
Alina Pantano
Savanna Herr*
Kristin Weyenberg
Sophia Welch
Sydney Kane
Natalie Weare
Madelyn Dellert
Rachel Gaunt
Sara Lassiter
Molly Rowland
Olivia Szendey
Rachel Reynolds

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