#WonderWomanWednesday: Maryland’s Helpful Corn and Cosmic

Inspired by National Girls and Women in Sports day, this profile is part of a series highlighting local women’s college ultimate teams.

The University of Maryland Helpful Corn has a long tradition of excellence. Along with their B-team, Cosmic, UMD is a steady figure in the DMV ultimate community. Here, player Jaime Capron gives us an insight into the two teams.

“Ever since the dawn of time *read in Morgan Freeman’s Voice*… Just kidding University of Maryland Ultimate isn’t quite that old. Women’s ultimate team at Maryland has been hucking, shucking, and generally corny since 1993. As the program grew we were able to split into Maryland A (Helpful Corn) and Maryland B (Cosmic), established in 2012. If you’re curious about the name Helpful Corn, as many are, the most we can give you is that it comes from a TV show from the 90’s called Daria.

Helpful Corn is a spirited and competitive force in the Colonial Section and Mid-Atlantic Region. The team qualified for College Nationals during the 2008 season and placed third in the region in 2016. Cosmic won the Atlantic Coast Development Women’s Conferences in 2015 and 2016!

We love each other and we love to play ultimate, but mostly we love corny puns about being “out of this world.” Some of our a-maize-ing alumni such as Jessie O’Connor and Sarah Lord have gone on to play for Scandal and other regionally competitive teams. I would have included pictures of our awesome van rides to and from tournaments but most of those include sleeping kernels.

We hope to catch you either on or off the field at our upcoming spring tournaments!! For more information about the team, you can find us on our website, Twitter and Facebook, or send a note to: maryland.helpfulcorn@gmail.com.”

UMD Helpful Corn

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UMD Cosmic

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