Fundraisers: Local High Schools Going To Nationals

Two local high school girls’ teams are going to the first annual High School National Invite June 3-4! Want to help them get there? They’re both well along the way toward their goals, but they still need additional funding.

Send YLee Girls to Nationals!
YLee Girls Ultimate earned a chance to compete at the National High School championship in Illinois! In order for the team to travel, they need $. Please be generous and provide these girls with a great opportunity to represent their schools (Yorktown HS and Washington-Lee HS) at the tournament.

Send Pandamonium to Nationals!
Pandamonium is HB Woodlawn’s varsity Ultimate Frisbee team. We are a high school from Arlington, Virginia, a suburb outside of DC. Ultimate Frisbee is an up-and-coming sport that combines intense athletic ability with patience, understanding and knowledge, as opposing teams make all of the game calls (without the presence of a referee). The most important part of Ultimate Frisbee is “spirit of the game” — a term used to define the cooperative and sportsmanlike attitude that players are expected to have.

Announcing The 2017 High School National Invite


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