The DC Breeze #5kToss

One lucky fan at each Breeze home game during the 2017 season will get a chance to throw a disc 50 yards and win a $5000 grand prize!*

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Dave Ohls hit the mannequin from 50 yards at our Sunday, June 4 game and won the $5000 grand prize!
*The 2017 grand prize has been claimed, but we have decided to continue the contest for the remaining two home games with a $1000 prize.

#5kToss winner Dave Ohls (front, center) with the Breeze team


It’s pretty simple: we’ll pick a fan at random at each game and give that fan 3 discs. We’ll put a mannequin on the 50 yard line. If you’re selected, you’ll have limited time to hit the mannequin with a throw from 5 yards away to win a t-shirt. Then if you have any discs remaining (hopefully 2!), you can choose to run downfield and throw again from 25 yards away for a Breeze fan pack and/or 50 yards away for the grand prize. Yep, hit a mannequin from 50 yards and win the grand prize! Pretty simple.


Here’s the fine print…

Description, rules and eligibility for the #5kToss at 2017 DC Breeze Home Games
at Hotchkiss Field, Historic Gallaudet University

  1. Contest Description – #5kToss
    1. Disc Target Toss: Contestant must successfully throw official 175g Discraft UltraStar discs and hit targets on the fly.
    2. Contestant will receive three official discs provided by the Breeze. Each of the three discs can only be thrown once, and all three throws must be made within a limited time.
    3. 1st Challenge: The disc must hit the target from behind the 45 yard line (5 yard throw). If successful, the contestant will receive a Free DC Breeze T-Shirt.
    4. The 1st Challenge must be successfully completed before the 2nd Challenge can be attempted. The 2nd Challenge cannot be attempted if the contestant used all three discs to complete the 1st Challenge.
    5. 2nd Challenge: With any remaining discs from the first challenge the contestant has the option to throw at the mannequin from either behind the 25 yard line (25 yard throw) or the football goal line (50 yard throw). If successful, prizes awarded are as follows:
      1. 25 Yard Throw — DC Breeze Prize Pack: $100 gift certificate for Breeze merchandise, 2018 Breeze season ticket, and Papa John’s Free Pizza Coupon.
      2. 50 Yard Throw — Win $5,000!
  1. Rules
    1. The contestant will receive 3 discs, and each disc can only be thrown once.
    2. The contest will have limited time to complete the task. Any throw released after time has expired will not count.
    3. Foot fault — any part of contestant’s body or clothing touching the ground on or past the demarcation line before releasing the disc — will disqualify the attempt.
    4. On the fly — if the disc touches the ground or any other object between leaving the contestant’s hand and hitting the target, that will disqualify the attempt. The disc must hit the mannequin “On the fly.”
    5. Contestant will not be allowed to make another throw with the same disc if the first attempt is disqualified for any reason.
    6. The disc cannot be altered in any way prior to the throw.
  2. Eligibility
    1. One contestant for the #5kToss will be randomly selected from those in attendance at each 2017 DC Breeze home game.
    2. If chosen by ticket number, the contestant must be the individual who entered the venue with the ticket number called.
    3. The contestant must be 18 years or older to play.
    4. Current or former professional or semi-professional ULTIMATE players or coaches are not eligible. However, current or former recreational, high school or collegiate ULTIMATE players ARE eligible.
    5. Contestants are not eligible more than once this season.
    6. Only one grand prize will be awarded this season.
  3. Video/Photography
    1. All attempts may be recorded on video and photographed, and may be used for future marketing purposes on behalf of the DC Breeze and/or AUDL.
    2. By participating in this contest, you consent to the full use of your image or likeness related to the entire event for marketing and all other purposes.
  4. Waiver of Liability
    1. With your participation you acknowledge that you are voluntarily choosing to participate in the 2017 DC Breeze #5kToss contest, and are solely responsible for any injuries that you may cause to yourself or others.

For more information please contact: James D. Gaston, III, — (202) 810-3134