Meet the Interns

Meet the Interns!

This year we decided that the DC Breeze needed some extra knowledge and fresh ideas to help us through our future seasons. We created the DC Breeze Internship Program to help spread awareness of the Breeze and our great sport, and to make sure our team has a smooth and successful 2015 season.

Check out our interns below who have already joined for 2015!


Social Media Team:

Mackenzie Smith, American (team manager)

Kathryn Hatch, Liberty University undergraduate/Rutgers graduate


College Liaison Team:

Mahali Schenkelberg, American (team manager)

Steven Wartinbee, Georgetown

John Seidenwurm, American

Jason Pon, UMBC

Krizia Udquim, UMBC

Jennifer Boyer, UMBC

Joey Ricks, UMBC

Sofia Lindevall, Gallaudet

Edward Corporal, Gallaudet


High School Liaison Team:

Josh Jamison, Salisbury University (team manager)

Erica Henson, Indiana University (team manager)

Claire Scott, Governor Thomas Johnson HS, Frederick, MD

Tooba Agha, Governor Thomas Johnson HS, Frederick, MD

Mark Jenkins, Reservoir HS, Fulton, MD

Tanner Kutchman, Broadneck HS, Annapolis, MD

Joey Lisko, Chantilly HS, Chantilly, VA

Abby Kent, Yorktown HS, Arlington, VA

Jack Markowitz, Yorktown HS, Arlington, VA

Rachel Hess, Washington-Lee HS, Arlington, VA

Andrew Roy, Washington-Lee HS, Arlington, VA

Agnes Cheng, HB Woodlawn HS, Arlington, VA

Gus Norrbom, HB Woodlawn HS, Arlington, VA

Casey Grage, James Madison HS, Vienna, VA

Paul Ahnn, James Madison HS, Vienna, VA

Richard Wu, James Madison HS, Vienna, VA


Additional Senior Interns:

Daina Lecuona, Director of Sponsorship

Joseph DelNero, AV Director

Lauren Highsmith, Community Events Coordinator


mackenzie 1 mackenzie 2

Intern: Mackenzie “Mighty Duck” Smith

Position: Social Media Manager; Press Release writer

Hometown: Ivyland, PA

Current Residence: Washington, D.C.

Education: Junior at American University

What made you apply for the Breeze Internship?

I actually interviewed Don (co-owner) in early September for a public relations paper I was writing. I was extremely interested in the start-up PR aspect of the Breeze, and Don mentioned the internship over the phone. I knew I wanted to end up in sports communication, so what better place to start than with my favorite team?

What was your favorite Breeze play of the 2014 season?

Tyler’s layout score against the Phoenix was insane. I’ve never cheered so much in my life after that point.

What is your favorite part about being a Breeze intern?

I love working with the down-to-earth, hard-working Breeze family. Everyone is so determined to make the Breeze a D.C. tradition, and that determination makes me proud to be an intern. I’ve had many “blank-stare” responses when telling people that I play ultimate. I know that interning with the Breeze will eventually turn those stares into wide-eyed, excited responses.

When did you start playing ultimate and why?

My best friend (hi, Mags!) and I started playing for the Dirty Ladies our freshman year of college. Our older siblings played ultimate in D.C., and we wanted to know what the sport was all about. We went to our first practice at AU and knew we had found our niche.

Ultimate position: hybrid


American University Dirty Ladies

PADA (Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance) summer league

What is your favorite pump up song?




mahali 1  mahali 2

Intern:  Mahali “Guns’N’Roses” Schenkelberg

Position: College Liaison Manager

Hometown: Lakewood, CO

Current Residence: Washington, D.C.

Education: Senior at American University

What made you apply for the Breeze Internship?

I wanted to have the chance to bring awareness and recognition to the sport of ultimate and having the opportunity to work with the professional ultimate team in DC seemed like the right step!

What was your favorite Breeze play of the 2014 season?

My favorite play would be when Logan Rhyne put the disc into the endzone to Tyler Degirolamo for an awesome layout catch. It was awesome to be at that game against the Phoenix.

What is your favorite part about being a Breeze intern?

Working with other enthused ultimate players! There is nothing like working with people that have the same passions as you do.

When did you start playing ultimate and why?

I started playing ultimate my second semester my freshmen year of college. But I started because of my little brother. Being three years younger than I was, he started playing when he was a freshmen in high school and I was senior, and he made it look like so much fun that I promised myself that I would try it in college, and I haven’t looked back since. Thanks Chris!

Ultimate position: hybrid


I have played for my college team at AU, and the summer after my freshmen year I played for a new women’s club team called Mother Apocalypse here in D.C.

What is your favorite pump up song?

Remember the Name by Fort Minor



josh jamison 1 josh jamison 2

Intern: Josh “Shway” Jamison

Position: High School Liaison Manager &

Sponsorship/Graphic Design Assistant

Hometown: Clarksville, MD

Current Residence: Clarksville, MD

Education: Salisbury University Graduate

What made you apply for the Breeze Internship?

For sometime now I have been searching for what I want to do with my life. When I saw the opportunity to pursue something that I have fallen in love with over the years I jumped right at it. It was the first time in a long time that I immediately knew what I wanted. Already it has proven to be an awesome decision.

What was your favorite Breeze play of the 2014 season?

Well it’s more of a favorite game. Was the first Breeze game I went to which was against the NY Empire. Supporting my previous Salisbury captain AJ (Alex Jackoski #33) was just really flippin’ sweet. I was like hey “I know that guy…wooo.”

What is your favorite part about being a Breeze intern?

Helping this sport grow locally and nationally. Specifically seeing the love of the sport in younger players transform to a professional level of play.  It is so cool to see more and more discs being thrown compared to footballs, baseballs, etc. It’s about time people start seeing Ultimate as a legitimate sport with professional athletes.

When did you start playing ultimate and why?

Growing up a lot of my game play in other sports was considered off-kilter, fairly tenacious but overall extremely reckless. Frisbee was just something that I did more as a hobby just tossing around with my Dad. He actually taught me how to throw a flick before I even knew what a backhand was.

It wasn’t until I reached Salisbury University that I realized people actually played a game with this crazy little round piece of plastic. Suddenly everything that I did “recklessly” in previous sports had become exactly what I was supposed to do. I was surrounded by an odd group of wildly passionate athletes who called themselves Buzz. It was then, within this creative community that I knew I had found a sport, a home and something of pure awesomeness.

Ultimate position: hybrid


Buzz- Salisbury University

8 Bit Heroes – Frederick, MD

Fuzzy Bush- Salisbury/Baltimore, MD

What is your favorite pump up song?

Finally Moving Remix- Pretty Lights

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