#13 Nico Lake – 2016 Handler

Height: 5-11 2016_bio_nico_lake
Age: 22
College: Georgetown University
Hometown: Wynnewood, PA
Club: Gavel (2011-2012), Hypnotoad (2013), AMP (2015)
Pump-Up: Anything at the top of the Billboard Hot 100
Bio: Nico started playing ultimate in high school because he wanted to be like his older brother. Fortunately for him, the Philadelphia scene provided many opportunities for playing through seasonal leagues and club. He played last club season for the Philly Mixed team, AMP, and with them attended his first Club Championships. He is now a Senior at Georgetown University and captains the team there. A one-year Breeze vet (2015), Nico is excited for the season and the potential of the team.

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