Breeze Release Full 2016 Roster


After hosting two weekends of intense invitation-only tryouts this month, Breeze head coach Alex Ghesquiere and his staff have settled on the following eleven players to complete the 2016 DC Breeze roster. This mix of highly talented returnees and fresh faces is sure to make for a great season. Welcome to the 2016 DC Breeze!

Complete 2016 Roster

Players Announced Today:
#8 Jordan Queckboerner
#11 Russell Howd
#13 Nico Lake
#16 Kyle Johnson
#18 Matt Radhe
#21 John Agan
#23 Max Cassell
#30 Peter Mancini
#32 Anthony McLean
#33 Alex Jacoski
#46 Ben Scharadin

Although there were only 7 spots left on the official 28-player roster, coaches and players agreed to an extended squad of 32 for the season. 28 players will be on the official roster in any given week until the final roster is locked in June for the remainder of the season.