#46 Ben Scharadin – 2016 Cutter

Height: 5-10 2016_bio_ben_scharadin
Age: 28
College: Franklin and Marshall College
Hometown: Hamburg, PA
Club: Heva Havas (2012-13), Philadelphia Patrol (2015)
Pump-Up: Bangarang by Skrillex
Bio: Ben started playing Ultimate at Franklin and Marshall College, where he played for four years. He played his fifth year of eligibility with the University of Minnesota Grey Duck, where he was exposed to elite level Ultimate for the first time. Moving back to PA Ben helped run the club team Heva Havas with Matt Esser of American Ninja Warrior fame. After getting rained out of Oregon he again came back to PA and started his professional Ultimate career with the Philadelphia Spinners. He played two years with the Spinners and one year on Philadelphia Patrol. Ben currently coaches the men’s team, Spank, at Penn State, where he is finishing his PhD.

“I’m excited to be pushed as a player by such a talented roster and to see how far the team can go this season.”

Signing Announcement

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