#18 Matt Radhe – 2016 Handler

Height: 5-7  2016_profile_away_matt_radhe
Age: 28
College: Towson University
Hometown: Columbia, MD
Club: American Hyperbole, Medicine Men
Pump-Up: And We Danced by Macklemore
Bio: Matt has been playing Ultimate since 2005 when he started college at Towson University. Two weeks into his freshmen year he was given the nickname “Skunk” at the first frisbee practice, which somehow has remained with him to this day. One of only two returning players to have competed with the Breeze since its inaugural AUDL season, Matt is excited to be a part of the revamped roster for 2016. When reached for a comment, he stated “I don’t know what I would do without professional Ultimate. I certainly wouldn’t be able to support my Pokemon trading card habit.”

Signing Announcement

2016 Roster