#8 Jordan Queckboerner – 2016 Cutter

Height: 6-2 jordan_queckboerner_bio
Age: 25
College: University of Northern Iowa
Hometown: Riceville, IA
Club: Ironside and Humiliswag
Pump-Up: Sandstorm by Darude
Bio: During college, Jordan went back and forth between Ultimate and Professional Football in Brazil. After finally choosing Ultimate as his passion, he played on a first year mixed team out of Des Moines, Iowa which was ranked in the top 20 nationally.

Jordan wanted to broaden his horizons outside the fields of corn in Iowa, so last year he moved to the East Coast to play for Humiliswag who finished in 2nd place at Beach Nationals. During his club season this past year, Jordan played for Boston Ironside, who ended up placing 3rd nationally.

Jordan’s Ultimate accolades include playing on the Qatar National Team in Beach Worlds this past year where he finished 1st in goals scored per game and 2nd in assists.

“Cheers to Don and Dutchy for pulling together a great looking roster. I am looking forward to playing with such talented and experienced individuals this season!”

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