#30 Peter Mancini – 2016 Hybrid

Height: 5-10 2016_bio_peter_mancini
Age: 25
College: University of Florida; University of Maryland, College Park
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Club: Enigma (2013), Steamboat (2014)
Pump-Up: Alpha Omega by MGK
Bio: Peter discovered ultimate his freshman year at the University of Florida, where he played for three sunshine-filled years, after which he migrated north to attend graduate school at UMD and continued his college ultimate career with UMDFU. Unable to part ways with the college ultimate scene, Peter stuck around as Assistant Coach for the UMD men’s A team, and in 2015 had the pleasure of coaching them to the program’s first ever appearance at College Nationals. Various summer internships and lots of moving around has allowed Peter to play ultimate on teams based all around the country (FL, NM, MD, OH), most recently of which were Steamboat out of Cincinnati, OH (mixed) and Town Hallstars out of College Park, MD (open).

When he isn’t on the field or in the gym, you can most likely find him in his research lab on campus donning laser safety goggles and studying micro air vehicles (MAVs).  Peter returns for his 2nd season with the Breeze in 2016.

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