Who Is Chuck Cantone?


#84 Chuck Cantone – 2016 Cutter

For this edition of our “Who Is…” Series we decided to go with a Q&A format as we gathered insights from new Cutter Chuck Cantone. Cantone is an AUDL veteran, having played with the Montréal Royal in 2014. He had a monster game against the Breeze on ESPN3 that season (we were fortunate to still come out on top — you can watch the entire game below) but we’re very happy to report that he’ll wear the stars and stripes of the DC Breeze in 2016.


Tell us a little bit about your background. When did you start playing? What hooked you on ultimate?  

I started playing in high school in 2003 with some friends. My first team ever played in the state championship. We finished second in Virginia– out of two. My first Richmond Ultimate summer league team won only once all season. I missed that game. Almost two years after first playing this sport, I finally felt what it was like to win a game of ultimate (it felt great). Something hooked me from the start, but it wasn’t winning or losing.


chuck_cantone_2What are some career highlights or flashpoint moments in your career?

I’ve had the good fortune to observe and compete against playing styles from all over the world. Highlights include: playing against European teams with the Revoltion’air club team of Paris in 2005, playing with about a billion teams with wonderful people from Québec, and playing in the world championships in Prague in 2010. Winning the Spirit Award at the Kat in the Hat tournament in Philadelphia in 2003 was pretty special, too.


What’s your favorite post-game meal?



chuck_cantone_1Can you name a few flashpoints/watershed moments in your growth as an ultimate player?

I believe learning is key, and growth is a product of attitude, effort, and time. I have been fortunate enough to associate myself with some amazing players and coaches. Choosing which leaders to follow has been the most important factor in many of the decisions I have made as a player. Ultimately, though, know that you will be your greatest coach.


What throw have you had to work on the most?

The pull.


What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a player? as a teammate?

Win it all. And learn to bring sunscreen.


What’s your team trope/stereotype?

Team before self.


What is the biggest mental lesson you’ve learned throughout your years?

Don’t get too high or too low. Stay humble and stay hungry.


— Libby Chamberlin, Breeze Staff Writer

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“Don’t get too high or too low.” — Chuck

DC Breeze at Montréal Royal, 2014 Season