E.R.I.C. Clinic at Holy Trinity School


Breeze and local women’s players got together to teach Ultimate 7-8 graders at Holy Trinity School in DC earlier this month. There were four terrific sessions over 2 days, and 80+ kids left with new skills, knowledge about E.R.I.C., and a ticket each to the Breeze vs Toronto game April 23rd so they can experience top level ultimate in action after their training. 

“The coaches were absolutely awesome. They were engaging, and kept the students working at a great pace. Even the most reluctant student walked away with a smile on his/her face,” reported Holy Trinity P.E. Teacher Anne Marie Bradley. “Our students have been taught Ultimate Frisbee before, but this was intense and challenging. I am sure we will have several students who will pursue this sport in the future. Again, thank you so much for these valuable lessons and for the healthy message that came along with it.”

Rebecca Velez of the local elite women’s team Grit along with Georgetown University women’s team players came out for the clinics, along with Breeze players Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell, Nico Lake, Brad Scott, and Nicky Spiva.

Join the kids at the game! Breeze vs Toronto, Saturday April 23, 6:30pm — Tickets

8th Graders 7th Graders


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