Breeze Overcome Phoenix, Weather 24-15


Continuing a season-long trend of powering through the first half to big leads, the Breeze came out strong Saturday night against the Philadelphia Phoenix in Conshohocken, PA. Advantages of 2-0, 4-1, 6-2, 8-3 and 12-6 described the first half, but unlike several other games so far this year the Breeze maintained intensity and won the game going away, 24-15.

Alan Kolick and Tyler Monroe led the scoring with 5 goals each, while 10 more players scored at least one goal on the night. 14 of the 20 active players in total registered at least one assist with Brett Matzuka, Max Cassell and Matthew McDonnell sharing top honors at 3 assists apiece.

The highlight of the game may have been an Alan Kolick block that resulted in the team’s first 2016 Callahan, as the deflected disc landed in the hands of Monroe in the end zone to make it 23-14 and essentially ice the game. Speaking of ice, it might as well have been hail as a sudden stormed raged minutes after the Monroe Callahan and just before the clock ran out. In the midst of the weather melée Philadelphia orchestrated a miraculous upwind, up-rain drive following a Breeze turnover in the Phoenix end zone, resulting in the final goal of the game to make it 24-15. Breeze rookie Kyle Johnson enjoyed an error-free first game as a pro with 4 touches/throws/completions and no drops or throwaways for 16 points played.  The Breeze are now tied for 2nd place in the East at 4-2, while Philadelphia fell to 0-4.

Game Statistics

  • Goals: Kolick 5, Monroe 5
  • Assists: Cassell 3, Matzuka 3, McDonnell 3
  • Blocks (Ds): McDonnell 3, Shofner 2, Spiva 2
  • Passing Percentage (min 20 throws): Monroe 96%, Shofner 94%, Matzuka 93%
  • Catching Percentage (min 20 receptions): 4 tied at 100%
  • Plus Minus*: McDonnell 7, Monroe 6, Cassell 4
  • Team Offensive Efficiency (O goals per O Points played): 88%
  • Team Defensive Conversion Rate (D goals per D possessions): 51%

*Plus Minus = Goals + Assists + Blocks – Drops – Turnovers = Overall Scoring/Possession Impact

Story by DC Breeze Staff

Next Game: Breeze at New York, May 21, 4pm

Next Home Game: Breeze vs Montréal, May 22, 1:30pm (more info)

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