Shorthanded Breeze Head Back To Canada This Weekend


National Team training, leg injury, pink eye… Name the issue, and the Breeze probably have it this weekend. Out of 32 players, only 18 are fit and able to make the 2-game trip to Canada this weekend. The team still has a strong roster, but any team in the AUDL making a long two-game trip without the full allowable 20-player roster is going to be at a major disadvantage.

The Breeze play in Montréal Saturday at 4pm, and then in Ottawa Sunday at 2pm. Montréal is 3-5, while Ottawa is 1-4 and both have very competitive teams, especially at home. Due to both U.S. National Team commitments and injuries the Breeze are without two of three coaches and quite a few of their most decorated players, yet the team desperately needs two victories this weekend to keep pace with Toronto and New York heading into the next two huge home games against those two teams June 4 and 11, respectively. Hopefully they can grind out a couple victories, both of which will be well deserved if accomplished under these circumstances.

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