Wodatch & Rowan — Breeze Ironmen

Ironmen: Wodatch & Rowan

Jeff Wodatch and Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell have played the most points for the Breeze this year by far. They have each played 269 points to be exact, although Rowan has played in one fewer game than Wodatch (11 to Wodatch’s 12). These two players have been models of consistency as well as productivity, almost always present and leading the team by example both on and off the field.


Wodatch primarily makes his presence felt on the O-line, with 206 of his 269 points played behind the disc. He has amassed 40 goals among 270 total catches in the process along with 32 assists, all tops on the team. Wodatch has also been credited for 10 blocks, an impressive figure for a primarily O-line player.


Meanwhile Rowan has anchored the D-line all season, playing the most defensive points on the squad with 211 in addition to 58 offensive appearances. Rowan leads the Breeze with 19 blocks and is 2nd on the team with 87 pulls. When his defense gets the disc Rowan immediately goes all O, contributing 21 goals and 22 assists to the team this season. That makes him 3rd in goals and 6th in assists, not bad at all for someone who plays 78% of his points for the defense.

Both of these players are slated for the active roster as the Breeze take the field for their last regular season game this Saturday at 6:30pm, so we’ll find out which one of these workhorses ends up with the Breeze Ironman Award for most points played this season. Honorable mention must also go out to Jon Neeley with 240 points played in 12 games, and to Chuck Cantone as the only Breeze player to appear in all 13 games so far in 2016.

Next Game: DC Breeze vs Philadelphia Phoenix, Saturday 6/25, 6:30pm
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