AUDL Releases 2017 Rules

The AUDL announced the official 2017 Rules today, and also provided a short list of the changes. You can find it all here:

2017 Official Rule Changes | 2017 Rule Book

The one significant change compared to 2016 is the fact that an offensive travel call no longer results in a turnover — it is now only a 10 yard penalty.

In part because of this change, the AUDL has made a minor but important modification to the stall count in that any offensive foul on a play not resulting in a turnover (including traveling) will now result in a reset with the stall count starting on the next number. This means if the referee counting the stall had already counted six and then sees an offensive foul, a stall will prevail over the offensive foul and the disc will turn over to the other team rather than allowing the offense the advantage of getting a reset and another second to throw.


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