#WonderWomanWednesday: Georgetown’s Huckin’ Foyas

Inspired by National Girls and Women in Sports day, this profile is part of a series highlighting local women’s college ultimate teams.

The Foyas are a dedicated group of women who have created a close knit team within the larger Georgetown community. They strive to be a competitive and positive team where everyone is able to perform at a high level.

It’s not all work, though. The Foyas also enjoy the more lighthearted aspects of ultimate, like annual co-ed costumed mini-tournaments, creating optimal pump up playlists, hosting potlucks and Disney sing-alongs. The Foyas host the Book Dive tournament every fall on the polo fields to fundraise for their season and collect book donations for Georgetown’s Angel Book Drive project.

The women’s program includes about 50 girls and fields a full A and B team with coaching staff. A-team coaches are Scott Hampton and Lily Ponitz, while B-team coaches are Grace Relf and Aidan McLeod.

The program was founded in 2009 and grew rapidly. The B team, Biddin’ Foyas, was founded in 2011. As both squads grow, so does the caliber of their tournament performances. The Foyas have steadily improved in their Regionals standing over the last several years. They took 9th in 2013, 7th in 2014, 6th in 2015 and tied for 5th in the region last year.

The B squad “Biddies” placed 3rd amongst developmental teams in the region in 2016 and are looking to improve upon that this season.

After kicking off their season off at Townsontown Throwdown and the Commonwealth Cup, the Huckin Foyas are looking ahead to the James Madison University Bonanza and the College Championship series beginning in April. Meanwhile, the Biddin’ Foyas will
attend the Delaware Classic in early April and “Begionals” (B team Regionals) April 22-23.

You can contact the Foyas at womensultimatefrisbee@georgetown.edu. You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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* denotes captain

Huckin Foyas:
Anna Pettee*
Caroline Genster
Caroline Lovett
Casey Skapek
Cat Ragonese
Claire Soisson
Clare Heine
Delana Sobhani
Emma Kechejian
Eva Lucchino, Pittsburgh Crucible
Frances Tyler
Ines Jimenez-Ontiveros
Karin Kajzarova
Katharine Kimmel
Katie Hyland
Lauren Allen*, DC Grit
Madi Thomas
McKenzie Schwarze
Megan Logan
Michelle Carey*, Boston Vice
Sarah Wright
Signe Stroming

Biddin Foyas:
Abby Lindsay*
Amanda Hu
Barbara Anne Kozee
Borchueh (Wu)
Caitlin Schanz
Chantal Durgana
Eleanor Tolf
Elizabeth Morris
Gia Carrasco
Giselle Wallace
Greer Richey
Harshita Gaba
Isabel McClelland
Jennifer Turner
Julia Hennrikus
Julia Marx
Katherine Burns
Katie Altman
Katie Schmidt
Laura Chant
Lea Stapper
Liv Brooks
Lucy Kapples
Maddie Augostini
Maria Pombo
Meghan Grimes
Mitali Mathur
MJ Kozak
Paige Harouse
Paula Santos
Phoebe Sauter*
Sam Melconian
Sophie Cutler
Stephanie Prussick
Tara Smith
Vanessa Sorrentino

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