Breeze Players Show Up in Force at Georgetown’s Book Dive Tournament

This past Sunday, the Georgetown University Women’s Ultimate Team hosted their annual Book Dive Tournament. The Foyas’ (frisbee Hoyas) 14th annual charity book drive and fundraiser tournament benefits DC Metropolitan area charities.

With a temperature in the low 40s and winds exceeding 20 mph, the tournament was challenging for players and organizers alike, but there was no shortage of fun. Players from the DC, Maryland and Virginia club scene was well-represented with players from the top women’s, men’s and mixed teams in the area. Breeze personnel appeared on rosters across several teams.

Medicine Grits
Medicine Grits

Three strong teams battled it out in Power Pool A: Golden State Neenas, Medicine Grits, and 90s Babies.

Round One had Medicine Grits defeating Golden State Neenas 13-8. Medicine Men’s James Robb went sky city on everyone. Grit’s Jill Simmerman provided a consistent handling presence, while Grit’s Lily Ponitz was a force downfield.

In Round Two, Golden State Neenas defeated 90s Babies by one goal. Golden State Neenas were led by Scandal veterans Jessie O’Connor and Kate Chang; both had an impressive array of throws in the wind. For 90s Babies, Kelly Ross of Ambiguous Grey launched some pinpoint hucks, while Christine Valvo of Ant Madness got open at will.

Round Three had an instant classic, a back-and-forth affair with Medicine Grits and 90s Babies. Medicine Grits’ Max Cassell and 90s Babies’ Rowan McDonnell, both of the Breeze 2016 roster, flashed their upwind huck throwing ability all game. Matt Kerrigan of Medicine Grits was a dominant cutter and created consistent defensive pressure. Ben Feng of 90s Babies utilized a combination of deep cuts and shorter throws to move the offense. On universe point, Medicine Grits recorded a goal line stand, then marched 70 yards upwind for the break, with Kerrigan sneaking into the end zone, sending the Pool A winners to the championship game.

In Power Pool B, Sarah Itoh and Jarnail Bajwa led a very good “Ambiguous Gray” team, featuring players from Ambiguous Grey, Scandal, and Truck Stop. “Ambiguous Gray” won all three of their pool play games with great depth and balance. Scandal’s Molly Roy starred defensively, with kick block after kick block in pool play.

Ambiguous Gray
Ambiguous Gray

In the finals, the wind picked up, and hucks continued flying. “Ambiguous Gray” battled back from a couple break deficit, took half, and pulled away in the second half, winning by a comfortable three goals over Medicine Grits.

All in all, a successful tournament for all involved. Books were donated, Mac n’ Cheese was eaten, and it was Breezy– very Breezy.