Tyler Monroe

2017 Breeze Roster

#10 Tyler Monroe

Position: Hybrid
AUDL Seasons: 1
Height: 6’1"
Birthdate: 03/25/1995
College: George Washington University
Hometown: Seattle, WA


Club Ultimate: Seattle Fryz (2010-2013), Truck Stop (2015-Present)

Tyler started playing ultimate in 5th grade with a kickball, with 40 people in a gym class. He is currently studying History at George Washington University, and spends his small amount of non-studying and non-Frisbee time watching Arsenal Football Club. He’d like to give a shout out to how it all began… with his coaches Alex Wells, Reid Loss, and Sam and Rex, who among others in Seattle taught him to love this great game.


Year GP G A B TO +/- Comp% TPP OPP DPP Cal
2016 11 19 15 6 15 25 94.8% 175 146 29 1
Totals 11 19 15 6 15 25 94.8% 175 146 29 1
GP-Games Played; G-Goals; A-Assists; B-Blocks; TO-Turnovers; +/- = Goals+Assists+Blocks-Turnovers; Comp%-Throw Completion Pct; TPP-Total Pts Played; OPP-Offensive Pts Played; DPP; Defensive Pts Played; Cal-Callahans



Highlights & Photos

Photo by Kevin Wolf