2017 Top 10: Goals

There are a lot of parallels between the 2017 DC Breeze squad and the one from 2016. In addition to having the same record and ending the season in a similar fashion, the team scored virtually the same number of goals. D.C. had 392 this past season and 396 in 2016, a franchise high.

Individual scoring was balanced, as 13 players had 12 goals or more while every player that suited up for the Breeze this season scored at least once. Two rookies had an instant impact for the team, jumping on the scoreboard regularly throughout the season. However, it was a handful of second-year Breeze players that had the biggest impact of all, regularly making the final catch point after point.

Max Cassell tracks down the disc through heavy rain in the 2017 playoffs

Leading the way in scoring was recent University of Maryland product Max Cassell. Finding the end zone 40 times in the 2017 season, the 5’10” cutter averaged 3.08 goals per game. With his 40 goal performance this year, Cassell had the fifth-best goal scoring season in Breeze history. [That record is held by Tyler DeGirolamo in 2014, with 57 goals.]

Jeff Wodatch skying over two New York defenders for the catch. Photo by Gene Bryant

Second on the team was Jeff Wodatch with 34 goals this season. Combine that with his team-leading 45 in 2016, and in just two seasons Wodatch has moved up to second on the Breeze’s all-time scoring list with 79 goals.

Chuck Cantone and Tyler Monroe both had career-highs with 30 goals to finish tied for third. Monroe accomplished his feat playing only 11 games, netting a 2.72 goals per game average.

Rounding out the top five was AUDL rookie Delrico Johnson with 23.

2017 Goals Leader Board:

  1. Max Cassell, 40
  2. Jeff Wodatch, 34
  3. Chuck Cantone, 30
  4. Tyler Monroe, 30
  5. Delrico Johnson, 23
  6. Joe Freund, 20
  7. Alan Kolick, 19
  8. Lloyd Blake, 19
  9. Matthew ‘Rowan’ McDonnell, 19
  10. Brian Marshall, 17

italicized denotes AUDL Rookie 

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