2016 Top 10 Players: Receiving

Jeff Wodatch snagged the disc like no one else in 2016

Here are the Top 10 Breeze players in Receiving Productivity during the 2016 season. The list is led by runaway goals leader and 2nd Team All-AUDL honoree Jeff Wodatch, with last year’s goals champ Matt Kerrigan the clear runner-up. To determine this list we considered several statistical categories along with the overall impact each player’s receiving had on the game whenever the team had possession of the disc. The players were ranked based on their total number of goals, average goals per point played, catching percentage, and total catches made. The list reflects the order of importance the categories had on each player’s ranking. The Top 10 lists for each subcategory are also included below. Enjoy!


1. Jeff Wodatch

Breeze vs Empire-76
Jeff Wodatch

Wodatch earns the number one spot on our list by a landslide with 45 goals scored during the 2016 season, the best on the team by a whopping 18-goal margin. He caught 345 total passes to also place him as number one in that specific category. He was second best in goals per point played with an average of 0.13. He also had a 98 percent catching percentage for the season. Overall, Wodatch was simply a monster receiver who set the standard for the Breeze in a performance that also earned him 2nd Team All-AUDL honors this season. Way to go, Wodatch!


2. Matt Kerrigan

Kerrigan scored 27 goals throughout the season with an average of 0.11 goals per point played. His catching percentage was 99 percent, with 273 total receptions. This follows an impressive 2015, as Kerrigan has clearly secured his position as a key cutter on the Breeze squad heading into the 2nd year of his latest 2-year contract for 2017.


3. Chuck Cantone

Cantone tied for 3rd highest on the team with 25 goals this season. The only player to play in all 16 games, he made his points count with 0.10 goals per point played, while maintaining a 97 percent catching percentage. Overall, he tallied a relatively low 138 catches, meaning he landed in the end zone every five and a half times he came down with the disc.


4. Rowan McDonnell

McDonnell also scored 25 goals for the Breeze in 2016 to match Cantone, with 0.07 goals per point played and a 99 percent catching percentage on 228 total catches during the season. Impressively, he did all this primarily from the D-Line.


5. Tom Doi

Tom Doi

Doi had a 6th highest 22 goals throughout the season despite less playing time than several of the others on this list, thanks to a team-leading 0.17 goals per point played. He was a productive target when he was on the field, as his goals per point figure came in at 0.13, which was 30 percent higher than Wodatch who came in second place. Doi had a 97 percent catching percentage on 137 total catches.


6. Alan Kolick

Our first true handler to make the receiving list, Kolick scored 23 goals with 0.08 goals per point played and a catching percentage of 98 percent. He caught a total of 246 passes this season. With his Top 5 goal count, Kolick clearly excels at chasing down the disc in the end zone in addition to his mastery of putting it there.


Tyler Monroe

7. Tyler Monroe

Landing 7th on our list with strong numbers across the board, hybrid Monroe scored 19 goals with 0.11 goals per point played and a 99 percent catching percentage on 214 passes… And the only direction he’s going is up as he’s young, talented and very quickly mastering the game at the pro level.


8. Markham Shofner

Serving almost exclusively as a handler, Shofner still managed to break away for 18 goals and a 0.07 goals per point played average this season. He maintained a catching percentage of 99 percent on a total of 229 catches.


9. David Boylan-Kolchin

David Boylan-Kolchin scored 20 goals on only 102 catches this season, with a team third best 0.12 goals per point played average. He had a 94 percent catching percentage.


10. Brian Marshall

Marshall managed 20 goals, a 0.07 average for goals per point played, a 96 percent catching percentage and 97 total catches while playing 89 percent of his points on the D-Line.


Honorable Mention: Jonathan “Goose” Helton scored 17 goals with a 0.10 goal per point played average, a catching percentage of 97 percent and 176 total catches.

Honorable Mention: David Cranston scored 16 goals on 124 catches with a 0.08 goals per point played average and a 99 percent catching percentage as a key defender for the Breeze in 2016.

Honorable Mention: Brad Scott also scored 16 goals and had a 99 percent catching percentage playing primarily as a defender. He had 85 total catches and 0.06 goals per point played, despite serving much of the season with a hip injury that limited his playing time and required postseason surgery.

Honorable Mention: Bob Liu and Nicky Spiva were the only two members of the team with 100% catching percentages (minimum 100 catches).


Top 10s in Receiving Categories


  1. Jeff Wodatch, 45
  2. Matt Kerrigan, 27
  3. Chuck Cantone, 25
  4. Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell, 25
  5. Alan Kolick, 23
  6. Tom Doi, 22
  7. Brian Marshall, 20
  8. David Boylan-Kolchin, 20
  9. Tyler Monroe, 19
  10. Markham Shofner, 18

Goals Per Point Played (min 100 points played)

  1. Tom Doi, 0.17
  2. Jeff Wodatch, 0.13
  3. David Boylan-Kolchin, 0.12
  4. Matt Kerrigan, 0.11
  5. Tyler Monroe, 0.11
  6. Ben Scharadin, 0.11
  7. Chuck Cantone, 0.10
  8. Jonathon “Goose” Helton, 0.10
  9. Jon Pressimone, 0.10
  10. David Cranston, 0.09

Catching Percentage (min 100 catches)

  1. Bob Liu, 100%
  2. Nicky Spiva, 100%
  3. Matt Kerrigan, 99%
  4. Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell, 99%
  5. Tyler Monroe, 99%
  6. Markham Shofner, 99%
  7. Brett Matzuka, 99%
  8. David Cranston, 99%
  9. Jonathon Neeley, 99%
  10. Jeff Wodatch, 98%

Total Catches Made

  1. Jeff Wodatch, 345
  2. Jonathon Neeley, 302
  3. Matt Kerrigan, 273
  4. Alan Kolick, 246
  5. Markham Shofner, 229
  6. Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell, 228
  7. Tyler Monroe, 214
  8. Bob Liu, 214
  9. Brett Matzuka, 180
  10. Jonathon “Goose” Helton, 176