2017 Top 10: Goals

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November 2, 2017

There are a lot of parallels between the 2017 DC Breeze squad and the one from 2016. In addition to having the same record and ending the season in a similar fashion, the team scored virtually the same number of goals. D.C. had 392 this past season and 396 in 2016, a franchise high.


Stats Analysis – 2017 DC Breeze Regular Season

August 4, 2017

Throughout the 2017 DC Breeze season it seemed that offensive consistency was the theme for the team and the highlight of most contests. If the offense played well the team would walk away with a victory, and it often did just that. However, the full season statistics may tell a different story.


Stats Analysis Game 13: DC Breeze 25 Philadelphia Phoenix 17

June 29, 2017

The 2017 season is almost over. There is only one game separating the DC Breeze from the end of the regular season. Fortunately for the Breeze, there will at least be two more games with a playoff berth clinched this past weekend. In that victory, DC maintained consistency that has led them to their 9-4 record at this point season: offensive dominance and constant defensive pressure.


Stats Analysis Game 10: DC Breeze 25 Toronto Rush 17

June 15, 2017

When the DC Breeze needed their top stars to step up, they did. In fact, not a single player on the squad had a bad game against the Toronto Rush on Sunday. Sure, there were the occasional mistakes and poor decisions throughout the course of a grueling game in very hot conditions, but as a whole every player’s performance stood out as strong and productive.


Breeze Add 6 To Secure First 20 On Roster

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February 9, 2017

After an eventful week of signings, the DC Breeze 2017 roster is now at its February pre-tryout target. Over the last ten days, six players have joined this year’s squad. The team is excited to welcome back a handful of returning players and add some fresh faces. This wave of signings brings the team’s roster to 20. Open Tryouts for the remaining roster positions will take place Sunday, March 5.


2016 Top 10 Players: Overall Field Impact

November 1, 2016

Here are the Top 10 Breeze players in Overall Field Impact during the 2016 season. To determine this list we considered several statistics from different categories, along with the overall impact the player had on the field.


2016 Top 10 Players: Defense

October 17, 2016

Here are the Top 10 Breeze players in Defense during the 2016 season. Determining each player’s impact through metrics alone paints a limited picture of the season to say the least. However, measuring a player’s — and team’s — overall defensive impact is in part a numbers game.