Showcase Game to Feature Young Women’s Club and College Talent

Backhanded’s Ronnie Eder throws a pass against Grit’s Lauren Allen.

The DC Breeze are excited to announce a first-of-its-kind event to showcase young female talent in the Washington, D.C. area: the DMV Women’s College All Stars vs. the DC Women’s Club Young Alums. Inspired by the All-Star Ultimate Tour that garnered significant attention in 2015 and 2016, this showcase game will feature top players from eight DC, Maryland, and Virginia colleges facing off against recent college graduates from local club teams Backhanded, Grit, and Scandal. 

The showcase game will occur on Sunday, March 19 in the DC area. Venue TBD.

While many of the details are still in the works, Breeze fans have a lot to look forward to in this showcase game, including play-by-play from Breeze commentator Greg Esser, and Breeze officiating coordinator and head referee Steve “Scuba” Kreider serving as the Head Observer.

The game will feature players from area colleges and universities, including Catholic University.

Breeze leadership is working to make this showcase game a unique fundraising event for the women’s area teams. In the last couple months, efforts to develop new events supporting local women’s ultimate have intensified. Breeze Majority Owner Don Grage commented, “Gender equity is one of the top objectives for our team along with diversity and youth development in all our efforts to grow Ultimate in the region. I feel we have a responsibility and a duty to not just expand awareness and participation in the sport, but to grow it the right way, and we hope this event will be a strong step in that direction.”

The effort runs deeper than simply serving as a fundraiser; it’s a great opportunity for community collaboration. In addition to the college vs club showcase game, the Breeze will be hosting a youth girls clinic prior to the game. Longtime Scandal player Jenny Fey said, “It’s really valuable to have an opportunity for female ultimate players of all ages to come together, support each other, and learn from each other’s games. It’s exciting to see the depth and breadth of women’s ultimate in the DC area.”


American and Georgetown high five each other at 2016 Colonial Conference Championships.

The Breeze will be announcing head coaches for both teams, as well as releasing final rosters in the coming months. If you are interested in contributing toward the showcase game, please contact Youth & Gender Equity Coordinator Ben Feng at


Participating College Teams



George Mason


George Washington

Maryland, Baltimore County



University of Virginia at 2016 College National Championships.


DC Women’s Club Young Alums




Scandal’s Spirit Circle with the All-Star Ultimate Tour in Rockville last August.


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  2. The Breeze are very supportive of mixed ultimate. Our Youth & Gender Equity Coordinator has had tremendous success coaching mixed teams, including three national championships. As stated on Twitter, we’d love to arrange something for mixed teams later in 2017!

  3. Surprised that no women from mixed ultimate teams are being invited to play. Lots of really good, young talented women play for area mixed ultimate teams. Seems like a big missed opportunity to bring everyone together and cut the growing tension between mixed and single gender ultimate.

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