Breeze Welcome Back Veteran David “Duke” Boylan-Kolchin for 2017


Breeze veteran David Bolyan-Kolchin has signed on for another season with the DC Breeze. The cutter will don jersey #4 for his third season with the District’s AUDL representatives.

david_boylan-kolchin_square“I’m delighted to be returning to the field with the Breeze for 2017. Playing with this team is a joy, and I’m looking forward to sharing another year with my teammates and all our fans, and to welcoming new ones,” Boylan-Kolchin said upon securing his 2017 contract.

duke_stats_thru_2016_thinBoylan-Kolchin has played 339 points for the Breeze over two seasons while amassing 43 goals, 25 assists and 13 blocks.

Along with strengthening bonds with his returning teammates, Boylan-Kolchin looks forward to furthering the Breeze’s community mission. “The Breeze have been doing a great job of building an inclusive and welcoming organization, and I’m excited to see what the new year brings.”

Duke’s 25 goals in 2015 were good for 2nd best on the squad, and one of them provided this highlight that earned him well over 100k views across all platforms, thanks in part to a featured article in


Also of note, Boylan-Kolchin comes with his own cheering section. His wife Sara went to club nationals with Loose Cannon in 2009, and his daughter Ree was born not a moment too late for Opening Day 2015 and will be celebrating her second birthday this spring (Sara and Ree on Twitter last April).


Duke, playing some D



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