Breeze at Raleigh Kicks Off AUDL Interdivisional Play

AUDL Interdivisional Play starts with the DC Breeze at Raleigh Flyers

**From now through Friday Jan 13, we’ll throw in the $5 single game pay-per-view fee for the DC at Raleigh game with any $39 or $59 ticket package purchased, or the entire $10 4-game AUDL Cross-Divisional series with our $99 Supporter Edition package!**


The AUDL announced today that it will begin regular season interdivisional play in 2017, and the first ever installment will feature the Breeze at Raleigh Flyers in April. 

The four games in 2017 will feature the top two finishers from each of the four divisions from 2016. Here are the matchups:

  • DC Breeze @ Raleigh Flyers, April 22 (or April 15)
  • Pittsburgh Thunderbirds @ Seattle Cascades, May 13
  • Dallas Roughnecks @ Madison Radicals, June 3
  • San Francisco Flamethrowers @ Toronto Rush, June 17

Via Ultiworld, “We’re trying to get a little more parity,” said AUDL marketing manager and Madison Radicals owner Tim DeByl. “So the one [seeds] will play each other and the two [seeds] will play each other from last year’s regular season standings.” Ultiworld also pointed out that pitting top teams against one another is reminiscent of the scheduling done by the National Football League, famous for its parity.

All four contests of 2017’s AUDL interdivisional play will be available for pay per view. The games can be purchased together as a group package for $10, and each game is also available for individual purchase at $5 per game.

Purchase pay per view game package here

“We have been looking forward to this opportunity as a league since its inception,” said Don Grage, Breeze Managing Partner and member of the AUDL Executive Council. “From a Breeze perspective, we’re excited to experience first hand the tremendous game day experience in Raleigh, and we couldn’t be any more thrilled that we get to participate in the historic, first-ever interdivisional regular season game in the history of the AUDL.”

Evenly matched? The Breeze ended 2016 with 24.9 goals per game and 20.4 against compared to Raleigh’s 23.0 and 21.4, respectively, but of course that scoring all took place in different divisions with completely different opponents. These interdivisional matchups will be a treat to see unfold in 2017.


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