Agan Inks Again, Signs for ’17

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john_agan_statsAfter a breakout first season, John Agan will rejoin the DC Breeze in 2017. Agan reliably progressed the disc as a tireless cutter throughout his 151 points on the field, not to mention the 11 goals, 5 assists and 3 blocks he produced.

Off the field, Agan considers the strong Breeze community as one of 2016 season’s top successes. He credits his teammates’ support in making his rookie AUDL season so positive. “I had a great experience during my first year on the Breeze, and have really been impressed with the community this franchise has built.”

Like many of his teammates, Agan started looking ahead to 2017 as soon as the 2016 season came to a close. “While last season ended a little sooner than we hoped, I’m looking forward to getting back on the field with many of the same teammates and building on the work we’ve done together in pursuit of a championship.”

In addition to his prowess on the field, Agan’s broadcasting skills were on display last year as a featured guest on the Breeze podcast last season.


2017 Breeze Roster

This signing makes it 10 rostered players for the Breeze so far this season: six new contracts in addition to multi-year contract players Kolick, Kerrigan, Shofner and Scott.

Welcome back, John!

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