Soccer Coaches from Tajikistan Take On Ultimate


A group of women’s soccer coaches from Tajikistan visited the DC area in December, and once again the Breeze coordinated with the U.S. State Department to add Ultimate to their busy schedule.

Tajikistan Flag

The Breeze’s Brad Scott joined forces with Katie Judd of local women’s club Grit to teach the visitors the finer points of throwing, catching, marking and boxing out for 90+ minutes in the Barcroft Elementary School Gymnasium in Arlington, VA. The clinic was yet another in the ongoing partnership between the Breeze and U.S. State Department’s Sports Diplomacy Program, which regularly brings groups of athletes and coaches to the United States to experience American society, culture, and values in a sports context.

The guests were terrific as always, and we had a blast showing them our game. Special thanks go out to Arlington sports photographer Kevin Wolf, who came out with his camera gear to capture some terrific photos from the event.

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