To Georgians & Moldovans, Ultimate Is a Breeze

The DC Breeze hosted a clinic Saturday to teach ultimate to a group of young women visiting D.C. as part of a two-week trip to the U.S. through the State Department’s SportsUnited program, which brings groups of athletes and coaches to the U.S. to experience American society, culture, and values within the context of sports.

The group, which included 20 young women from Moldova and Georgia, traded their basketballs for ultimate discs on Saturday morning as The Breeze’s Matt Kerrigan (#87) was joined by Katie Judd from local women’s club team Grit to teach the fundamentals of ultimate. Breeze owner Don Grage also made a guest appearance and helped to demo the game. The women learned the intricacies of throwing and catching, marking, and playing offense and defense.

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The basketball athletes quickly picked up the game and by the end of the hour and a half were easily scrimmaging each other, faking their defense out, and scoring points. The Breeze gave each attendee one official Breeze disc, which they will be able to take back with them as a souvenir of the game – and an opportunity to share their experiences with their friends when they get back home.

— Katie Judd

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